Emphasis on Education by prophet


Our prophet may Peace and Blessings be upon him, has always given high-degree of importance to education.
He even said that for gaining education, if you have to go to China and cross the tall boundaries (which are famous and popularly known as “China Wall” then you should even do that.

Yes, this has been by far the most obvious reflection about how Islam gives importance to education as it makes a person complete towards leaving a balanced life with regards to Deen and Dunia.

Yes, education gives a man a sense of belongingness to the lives of Holy Prophets as to how they spent their lives for their specific ummats.
Education also gives us exact perspective about our Prophet has led a life and how he (May Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) wants us to lead.

We need right education which helps us to lead an Islamic life where our actions are pleased by Allah.
We should always repent to Allah and ask for forgiveness.
We should always have a positive thought
process while gaining education where we want to benefit people around us, in order to please Allah.

Therefore, we should learn new things and English is one of them.
Remember, learning English and helping others and doing right things after gaining this knowledge will please Almighty.
we should never ever think about learning English to please gf or bf, as there is no concept of the same, in Islam

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