Best places to spend summer vacations in India with family..!

Summers have already started in India and the sun’s rays are becoming harsher with each and every passing day. Well, this is the time for the city dwellers to make plans in choosing the best places to spend summer vacations in India with family. Since, schools have almost closed and the happiest of the people are mainly children since this is the time of the year again where they know that they will be able to convince their parents in going out at hill stations to spend quality time away from the rising temperature where it is indeed next to impossible to spend few hours without air conditioners. Hence, as parents if you want to know how to spend summer vacations with kids, then the following post is for you where I will be telling you the best places to spend summer vacations in India.

As Indians we are indeed blessed that these places are in our country or else we have to make way to go Switzerland or other cooler places to get away from the harsh rays of the sun. Therefore, if you are still wondering as to where to go for summer vacations in India, then better not worry, since following are the summer destinations in India where you can spend quality time.

The people who often ask me where I should go for summer vacations in India, then the top places in my list is Shimla and Manali. Although, I have gone to various hill stations in the country, and all of them are extremely captivating and marvelous which will take your breath away for sure, but the kind of charisma and attraction which Shimla and Manali offers is something which is indeed quite mesmerizing to say the least.

If there is a talk of the most visited tourist destinations in India, then the name of Manali comes in the top notch list. Being quite a renowned summer destination for tourists in India, you will be like “wow”, the moment you will step in the land of Manali. Even in the scorching days of the year, you will find the awesome weather along with snow capped mountains which are simply refreshing and rejuvenating to say the least. There are series of places which will take your breath away in the form of Rohtang Pass. Besides being a top desirable honeymoon destination in India, it is also considered to be a perfect honeymoon destination in India, thanks to the increasing numbers of people who choose Shimla and Manali as Indian honeymoon destination. You will be mesmerized the moment you see Rahala falls as this is a summer tourist destination in India which will take your breath for sure. You will also see famous Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley amongst other popular destinations.


With regards to the question which place is best to spend summer vacation in India, then it has to be Shimla, after Manali. If you want to spend some of the quality time with your family, then come to Shimla and experience the blissful experience which even words can’t express as well. This summer destination offers various places of sightseeing and you will love to enthrall yourself amidst the picturesque surroundings. If you are looking for the best family holiday destination in India, then Shimla will top the chart. The place offers a calm experience of its own and it really works wonders if you want to spend quality time. The utility of the place can be gauged from the fact that many tourists also consider to be the best Indian honeymoon destination too.


As a part time travel advisor, I get so many queries from people where they often ask questions like “Which place is the best to spend summer vacations”
“Which place I can enjoy the most in summer vacations in India?” Well, all I can say is spend the time in cool places in summers so that you never have to face scorching rays of sun. Dharamshala is another one of the places which is totally suited for spending some quality time in summer vacations. The place gives you the best testimony of several snow capped mountains. So what if you are going to spend some quality time and looking for the best tourist destination then its name also comes in the list as well.


Another tourist destination which will force you to marvel at the beauty of nature too.
You don’t want to miss visiting this place which is situated around 63 kilometers from Nainital.
Another hill station which is quite frequented by families from across the country.
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Finally, aforesaid are the best places for summer vacation in India. Hence, these places give you the best of ways to enjoy summer vacations so that even you can somewhere know the best answer to the question how to spend summer vacations usefully. Isn’t it?

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