Top 5 Tips for Travelling With Baby in 2018

How often we tend to postpone the idea of visiting a country after the birth of baby? Well, mostly we even altogether leave the thought just to make sure that baby is well groomed. However, little do we realize that the best way to enhance the personality lies towards adjusting our tiny tots to external surroundings in a new, fresh, lively and awesome environment where they can live every single moment. So, what are the tips to adhere with baby travelers or in other words, if you want to know travelling with baby checklist, then read the following post:-

Let’s find out:-
Bring sufficient baby food

How can you overlook this important aspect of not travelling with baby food ? Yes, you need to bring enough food for your baby travelers in order to ensure that he is safe and sound? Long and tiring journeys would have already made her in discomfort and you have to be extra cautious with regards to her schedule with respect to food, sleep, entertainment etc

Nappy should be handy

Babies are “babies” and we need to think about all their essential accessories right? You don’t want to look them with running nose while they are crying due to the associated discomfort.

Adjust yourself with the prevailing climate but do prepare it from before

Visiting a warm country requires you to take travelers baby clothes in terms of “shirts” and “shorts”. While colder countries necessitate you to opt for heavy clothing, if you want to see them giggling every single time. Yeah, if they are comfortable inside, it shows and seeing them happy, gives the best feeling, since it equally makes you relieved as well. What you say?

Make full use of the nap time

As parents, you can’t even dare to think to move out when your baby is actually feeling sleepy and needs sufficient rest. Yes, that’s the manta for a happy and enjoyable time as a traveler.

Do bring a baby pillow

You know the needs during air travel with baby and likewise bring the pillow as it adds to the comfort level of your baby travelers who will then most probably get sound sleep as well. Since, you don’t want him to miss on the sleep.

Have a tablet handy for entertaining your baby

Your baby may not like to enjoy every single time unlike you do. Hence, he needs constant piece of amusement in doing the little things which he is habitual of doing only on his own, something which he has been doing back home. In all probability, the love for babies with gadgets starts during this time. So, do carry your tablet with lots of powered games to come at your rescue right when he misses things. Don’t underestimate it as the gadget can be easily be charged in the hotel room.

Final thoughts

Yes, parents across the world are travelling with newborns who are roughly 5-8 months old and are actually accepting the challenge to make a memorable trip. They infact make sure to recall the “beautiful” memories with their tiny tots after few years when they grow up enough to realize and recall things (maybe).You can also google on how to  travel with a baby video to know more.

Emphasis on Education by prophet


Our prophet may Peace and Blessings be upon him, has always given high-degree of importance to education.
He even said that for gaining education, if you have to go to China and cross the tall boundaries (which are famous and popularly known as “China Wall” then you should even do that.

Yes, this has been by far the most obvious reflection about how Islam gives importance to education as it makes a person complete towards leaving a balanced life with regards to Deen and Dunia.

Yes, education gives a man a sense of belongingness to the lives of Holy Prophets as to how they spent their lives for their specific ummats.
Education also gives us exact perspective about our Prophet has led a life and how he (May Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) wants us to lead.

We need right education which helps us to lead an Islamic life where our actions are pleased by Allah.
We should always repent to Allah and ask for forgiveness.
We should always have a positive thought
process while gaining education where we want to benefit people around us, in order to please Allah.

Therefore, we should learn new things and English is one of them.
Remember, learning English and helping others and doing right things after gaining this knowledge will please Almighty.
we should never ever think about learning English to please gf or bf, as there is no concept of the same, in Islam

What is the biggest problem I face while losing weight?

Losing weight is challenging for those who don’t have required stamina and willingness to make matters pleasant.

However, if you have hidden desire and courage to lose weight, then it becomes the easiest possible thing to do.

Most of us initially are highly optimistic and motivated to loose weight, but their hidden hunger and desire subsides soon after, not finding requisite and timely change.

We need to realize that losing weight can’t possibly happen overnight. It is infact a slow process where your patience and hardwork are greatly needed.

That is the reason why we give up the idea of losing weight after few days or a week sometimes.  We are impatient to such an extent that we are not even ready to wait and watch for a month. This is a gross injustice which we do for ourselves because everybody has the right to live healthy and losing weight is not as difficult as we have made it to be. If we are really serious about getting back in shape than the journey of ending extra weight will be a pleasant one.

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I am not saying, but this is a practiced and practically implemented reaction of most of the people who has happily lost weight in a quick period of time.

You need to control your patience and the urge and temptation to munch every single time. Yes, the sight of delicious food may become our biggest weakness for us to lose weight quickly and unfortunately most of us are not strong enough to say “No” to the sight of sumptuous, delicious and mouth watering cuisines. I am not saying that we shouldn’t have them always, but refraining ourselves sometimes or the other, is something which we should be doing at any cost.

Walking is regarded to be an important and healthy exercise if you can practice to take a stroll early morning and that will be the perfect help and gift which you can gift to yourself. Other than that, based on the kind of help and experience which I have gained over the years I can say that we should avoid having lots of water immediately after having heavy meal.

We may need to quench our thirst, but taking many glasses of water just to quench thirst is something we have to avoid. Yes, due to the same reason, most of us open report to have bulging stomach or an excessive tummy. By following the aforesaid method, you can very easily put an end to the menace by maintaining ever increasing smile, like never before.

Final thoughts

For losing weight, your courage, and stamina and willingness matters and by ensuring the combination of these three things will actually help you later on for a healthier and secured future not to miss.

Using Social Media excessively? Top safety tips while using Social Media

Safety tips

The immense and everlasting craze of social media is not hidden from any one as it has taken an important part right from the start of the day till the time we go for sleep.

Highlights of how we use Social Media in our daily lives:-

  • No sooner did you even get up full fully from your morning bed, than you start checking your social media sites such as Facebook. Isn’t it?
  • It will be difficult to keep a track of the number of comments or share which you do on sites in the over all span from the morning till late at night while you go for sleep.
  • You can’t keep yourself away from visiting Facebook on your way to office.
  • While waiting for your turn at the doctor’s clinic, how can you keep yourself away from indulging in Facebook?


Having said that, every single time you check on your Facebook, you get to see various new updates from your friends which reads like as follows:-

  • Having tea in the rain and feeling awesome
  • Usual late Sunday night messages where people feel irritated to prepare themselves for another next working week, starting after only after few hours.
  • Usual “good morning” and “good night” messages

The idea behind people resorting to such activities is to engage with friends in order to be in the limelight. However, the million dollar question arises as to how much is too much?

Since, it is always safe to limit yourself so that you do not divulge your personal information to the outside world.


There has been increasing cases of identity fraud world since people overlook the most important aspect of security by divulging even their private information. The following article arms you with the coveted information so that you can save yourself from the identity thieves by not sharing the posts on social media which can prove to be a death knell for yourself.

Steps to be at a safer side

  • Make sure that you know your friends. If you are working online, be sure that the friends which you are adding or getting requests should have their own personal snaps. One can certainly make sure by checking their snaps. Original profiles do not shy away from posting their own pictures as they equally have increasing mutual friends as well. In the event when you are in doubt, better be safe as well.
  • It is a big No-No to share personal information which can prove to be hazardous as you post on social media such as
  1. Home Address
  2. Your Full Name along with the Names of your family members,
  3. Your salary, (since few carried away with the emotions especially at the time of getting increment etc.


  • Never click on the website which is being sent through a private message. To be at a safer side, get Anti-virus installed which can even prevent you from opening the same as well.
  • You can celebrate your child’s birthday and announce the feelings which as a proud father have. But, there is absolutely no need for you to tell the world that the school where you child attends.
  • Periodically check the settings of your accounts and change the password as well.
  • It is an important aspect to turn on the private settings as it is an important thing. However, the irony is many Facebook users even do not know the method to do the same.
  • If you have been using the same password for various accounts, change them for different accounts for added security.


Social Media is about enhancing your social interactions. Therefore, involve it in your day-to-day lives. Therefore, by reading the aforesaid article, you know the method to keep yourself away from any sort of eventuality. Therefore, the feeling of being safe and secure is just awesome and it cannot be described in mere words as well. Hence, in order to be safe from the prying eyes of the hackers, you have to gear up before it is too late for you.